Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy New Year!

We are sorry that we didn’t have anything on our blog because of the lack of staff and because of our continued work the film, but I have now decided to write something by myself, until the film gets distributed.

First all of I would like thank Sundance Institute and all the staff. Not only did Sundance Institute support the film financially, but the staff, especially Cara Mertes and Kristen Feeley gave the most critical creative advice on the structure of the film (sometimes with uncontrollable tears from Cara, from really believing so much in the story of Tibet in Song. ) We owe them more than just a verbal or written thank you. Geoff Gilmore, the former festival director of Sundance Film Festival, and all the program staff believed in the film unlike anyone else.

I have many other American friends and supporters to thank for believing in my effort to make this film. We also have many Tibetan friends, both from Tibet and outside Tibet, who have given moral support and constant and patient reassurance to the film. Among them is Yodon Thonden, who not only inspired and believed in me but also was one of first supporters who gave us financial support.

It's been about year now since we premiered the film at Sundance, and we have been screening the film to many film festivals where we have been able to reignite the awareness of Tibet. We will continue to push for the film to be seen by the widest audience possible. As you know the film was well received by hundreds and thousands of people, and we have received standing ovations in every festival that we screened at so far. One of the most rewarding moments for me was after one of the screenings when a few Tibetans said to me that my film was good. One of them said, “I am of one of the recent arrivals from Tibet. You have shown in the film exactly what has been happening in Tibet. That is exactly what Tibet is like right now. You have made a very good film.” My consistent goal ever since making this film since 1995 was to tell the truth about what Tibetans are experiencing in their daily lives inside Tibet since the Chinese arrived. I knew that there would be those living outside of Tibet who would be moved by the film, but I always wondered what the reaction would be from Tibetans inside Tibet. That is why what he and the other Tibetans who recently escaped from Tibet have said has especially touched my heart.

We didn’t have our website when we premiered our film at Sundance last year until April, and didn’t have anything on Facebook either. But now we have both, and I personally would like to thank all those who became fans of Tibet in Song on Facebook. We would like to request you to ask your friends to join Facebook as we will be screening the film in the festivals through out the year both here in the US and internationally. From now on I will write something on the blog as often as I can.


  1. Hello Ngawang ,

    I'm a Cinematography student from Film & Television Institute of India . I've not seen your film. But from the media I can imagine the condition of Tibetians in Tibet. If you can please give at least 1 DVD of your film , we can arrange the screening here & you know , Pune is called Oxford of India. I strongly feel all students must see your film here.

  2. Ngawang la, thank you for making this incredible documentary, I was in tears while watching the film. Thank you for paying respect to all the political prisoner in Tibet, especially thank you for highliting Rigzin Wangyal la's stories, I heard Rigzin Wangyal's brother was one of the four Tibetan Youth Executed in 1980s, there are our forgotten Heros of Tibet, who sacrificed their lives for Justice.

  3. Tashi deleg Ngawang!
    It is my great pleasure and privilege to know of you and your story. I would like to learn more.
    I am an author/writer and educator, and I was so inspired by your noble actions, your story and drive for freedom, I wrote an article about your film/story.
    Please read at:

    I deliver presentations at Jackson Hospital and Miami Dade College here in Miami on 'WORLD CULTURISATION'. I educate both children and adults, and I would be honoured to use your film to illustrate the unique attributes and political situation that lies somewhat hidden of Tibetan culture. How can I obtain a copy of your film?
    If you're open to the idea, I would love to write your biography, what an empowering story that would be to the world right!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Jaime Perris